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Joo Won attracts me from his acting and not his looks.At first, I saw him as an average looking actor but after watching most of his movies, especially in Bridal Mask where he is mean at the beginning but because of the way how he brought out the character that I would side with him even if he was mean and would follow him around like a drooling puppy.Although I'm sure Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk have a greater popularity in Asia, Moon Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook are my two favorite Korean actors under age 30 right now. XD I wish I couid see you in my real life :) I'm from Bangladesh & I wish I could see you :'( & your acting is so realistic !! All the very best for your upcoming future :) With lots of Love I just knew you only this friend recommended me to watch Good Doctor.These two men are so talented and have so much potential; I look forward to more of their work. Wow..a great acting in Good Doctor..natural and believable. Love u in Cantabile Tomorrow...really great acting.. I'm currently watching HOTEL KING, but my mind is wondering why they didn't cast JOOWON to play the male lead actor, it should've been much better if he do so, just can't sense any deep emotions from it, not just like Joo Won had done with all of his dramas, you'll always follows what he's doing in each scenes that's he doing- when he laughs you will laugh, when he's mad you'll also gets upset, and when he cries you'll cry as much as he'll feel the pain, anger, and happiness..that's what an actor needs to make to the viewers in able to make himself a goof actor. :) Joo Won is one of the actors who deserves my respect.I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I am very happy to see what he does.In Bread, Love, and Dreams, he must learn how to bake.Whoever @Caiteline is makes me so happy thanks to your comment. I wouldn't say that his acting is phenomenal, but I love how he continues to challenge himself, takes acting seriously, and steadily improves through each drama.

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Park Shi On is always be my favorite role from his works. Please JWsshi - do a k-drama for 2016 as we will miss you like crazy once you enter military service!!!!! Great performance in all his dramas especially good doctor, bridal mask, and Yong pal... I find him handsome and appealing in bridal mask ... I know that you're happy right now for the success that you're gaining right now you are up there the blessings continue pouring at you I hope you won't change stay sweet and humble keep your feet on the ground. In October 2013, Morgane remarked that Joo Won reminds her Johnny Depp. There absolutely are facial traits that are similar between the two men. And in Bridal Mask, I can finally see his excellent acting. My opinion changed I think you are the potential actor who can act well in all the designated character in that dramas.

❤ @Melody Angelxx - it was dubbed, but if you look at his lip movements he actually was speaking Chinese for a lot of his lines. He's a hardworker, honest, charming and well-mannered. It's sad to see him looks tired due his crazy schedule. You are so deserving of this award as you are truly an exceptional and brilliant actor of your time! Hope u will do another drama in 2016 (before enlisting, so sorry to request) but a Korean one (I know a c-drama is underway, thank you) so we can hear your own voice expressing your lines which is really and uniquely JOO Won. i really respect you as an actor..really appreciate your in korean entertainment and enjoy every single drama that you in..: D I love all your dramas and movies .. JW is also a very hardworking actor and service his fans with a drama and movie every year. Can't wait for you to be back on screen with Moon Chae Won! I am a sucker for historical drama so I will watch his historical drama when my heart is fully prepared. His acting was also very good there but not enough to judge. There is a saying nobody is perfect but thats wrong becouse you are more than perfect.

Thank you for your love for your fans all over the world Best Regards' Zeeza Almeera ([email protected]) Congratulations on Daesang awards JOO Wonsshi. It is really amazing and I am grateful that he won sbs 2015 awards. And I wish if you could become a real couple with Kim Tae Hee I really like her very much. All the best the first, korean actor that is successful and well known by korean and international fan..cause not by his look.talent and commitment in acting.. I have also watched Level 7 Civil Servant, KTG and TC because of Joo Won. I hope I can buy your book cause right now im watching all your Kdramas, movies, shows amd guestings and your photoshoots! Recently I watched "masked prosecutor" and "birth of a beauty" and started liking actor Joo Sang Wook which led me to watch "good doctor"..I 'met' Joo Won. I immediately followed "good doctor" with "Level 7 civil servant" and will be proceeding to "Yong Dal" shortly. I fall in love with you at the first sight in the 16th episode of bridal mask after that i saw all your movies and i was impressed even more and more.

Even a role like Cha Yoo Jin in Tomorrow Cantabile, I am sure that he has to spend a lot of time learning how to conduct. I have seen a lot of Korean Dramas and the actors or singers now a days or of this generation mainly got their fame from looks.

It is his attitude that makes me not only like, but also respect him a lot. For example, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho got most of their awards and endorsements because of their cutesy looks and not mainly from Acting.

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