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Some sex shops even sell the used panties of school girls, along with crotch shot of the girl, and sometimes even some of their saliva and a cassette recording of their moaning.The saliva, panties and recording are sold in small canisters with girl's picture on it.The guy was in his late 20s and took us to a restaurant and gave us 10,000 yen each.It's fairly easy to get money from men." Some girls earn as much as ,000 a month.More than one fourth of arrested youths said that their friends had persuaded them (26.0 percent) (Naikakufu 2004a). If they are caught, the men who bought the girl’s service are usually punished, and the police take the girls into protective custody.~ In recent years, many girls have begun to use “telephone clubs” to engage in sexual relationships for money. More than half of the 836 child prostitution cases from November 1999 to October 2000 were associated with these clubs (AS January 26, 2001).

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Those who bought the services from child prostitutes face imprisonment for up to three years, or a fine of one million yen or less.

Anyone who trafficked in foreign children for the purpose of prostitution would face prison sentences of two years or more.

~ All of these punishments are applied to Japanese people, even if the crime is committed abroad.

Dealers of child pornography would face prison sentences of three years or less or a fine of three million yen or less.

Those who “buy” a child for the purpose of a child prostitution business would face one-year to ten-year prison sentences.

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