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These marks were registered with the Crown and a Royal Swanherd was appointed.Any birds not marked became property of the crown, thus leading them to be called royal birds.They contrast beautifully with the white-flowered dogwoods.You also will find several specimens of American hornbeam, also know as ironwood or blue beech.It is called “ironwood because of the strong appearance of the bark.The saw-toothed leaves are very distinctive and turn orange to red in the fall.You can see documents relating to this on display in our library. Like the many types of dogwood found in the Smokies, the fragrant cloud is noted for its showy blossoms and scarlet berries.In the fall, these berries become an important source of food for wildlife.

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If you decide to only walk part of the trail, there are several points which make for an easy return. Add the squash and chicken stock and bring to a boil. Add the diced apple and cook over high heat until the apple is tender and golden around the edges, about 2 minutes. Garnish with the cheddar cheese, sautéed apples, and chives.

The answer is that they are much less vocal than other swans. Mute swans make a variety of sounds that could be called grunting, snorting, whistling, chirping, squawking, and hissing. In England, swans are considered royal birds and all swans in open waters belong to the crown.

For many centuries, mute swans were raised for food with individual birds being marked on their feet or beaks to indicated ownership.

We treat our hemlocks to prevent the wooly adelgid.

This pest has decimated hemlocks in many other areas.

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