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Virtually everyone on Craigslist lies about something: their name, their age, their weight, their marital status, maybe even their penis or bra size.For the purposes of this story, we have changed everyone's names to protect their privacy.So she lost 40 pounds and decided she would make up for lost time.Anna Reed is a 50-year-old who, as a young woman, had been raped and pressured into sex during the so-called sexual revolution.Our adventures have included the hot, the not-so-hot, and some potential hook-ups that never even got off the ground.There were memorable ones, like Lily's first date, which ended at a.m. Or the ex-con who went down on Anna for an hour straight.There were forgettable ones too, like the alcoholic art dealer, or the guy who excused himself in the middle of sex to smoke a cigarette.And there have been multiple-partner dates, which involved average-looking East Bay residents who swing, tie up, dominate, submit, and spank. Some of the lovemaking was wonderful, a lot of it was initially awkward but got better as time went on, and some of it was downright disastrous.

Then there is the issue of sexual chemistry, which is arbitrary, inexplicable and largely unpredictable.

Emerging from a stale and sexless marriage, she would do things her way this time around.

Lily turned to the free Craigslist personals because didn't want to spend any money getting laid. She was open to every person and every experience -- even Republicans, as long as they could kiss.

We were both hungry for intimacy and physical touch after years of wandering in the desert. Lily Penza, 46, had been overweight since her teens and suffered from dangerously low self-esteem.

At age 28, she moved in with the first man who looked her way.

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