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As usual, we had small talk when came home, telling me how her day went while she was still wearing her sexy little skirt and buttoned up top. But a few minutes later, she came back and spoke to me one again: "Can you come to my room for a moment? "There's something important I need to talk to you about." She turned back around and headed back to her room, still wearing her dress. "The floor was a little damp around here when I stepped on it," she said, standing by her dresser. That's why I did it." "Well that's really sweet of you to say despite the circumstances," she replied.

And when I turned it on and flipped through the pictures, I had then discovered my mother's secrets.

I then opened her cabinet and looked through more of her clothes, followed by opening her drawer to look at some of her bra and panties.

But when I opened the top drawer of her main dresser, it wasn't her wide array of undergarments which grabbed my undivided attention, but the sex objects that were buried underneath.

And I'm sure you know that I have a very good memory, so when I opened my drawer, I noticed that some of my more personal belongings weren't exactly where I last left them- close, but not quite. " "It depends," she replied casually, showing no embarrassment over any of this.

"Sometimes I meet them online, or maybe while I'm out; it's really not hard to find a man for sex." "And what about the guy you had sex with in my bed, what category does he fall under?

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