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There is less chance of embarrassment in buying condoms from a machine than from a store where the sale must be rung up and bagged by a clerk.

Likewise, purchases of “pink” videos (what in the West are termed “blue movies”) are less likely to be blush-producing experiences when these transactions can be effected without anyone else’s looking on.

We’d read that this practice ended in 1993 and reported as much in the original of this article (which was penned in 2001), but since that time numerous readers living in Japan have written to say that not only haven’t the machines gone away, but that they’ve themselves seen them.

Japan is home to a thriving bura-sera industry — of which traffic in the soiled panties of schoolgirls represents only one part — with “bura-sera” or “buru-sera” the term for a specific male fascination relating to that country’s schoolgirls.

Sometimes this amounts to the adoption of clothing styles highly reminiscent of high school uniforms, but even when a girl dons an evening gown, she will strive to look like a kinderling caught parading in Mom’s finery.

Likewise, childish outbursts, pouting, and tantrums are viewed as charmingly erotic because such actions work to further the violated schoolgirl image.

“Buru” is anglicized Japanese (Japlish) for “bloomers” and “sera” for “sailor”; the term refers to the sailor suit, the predominant style of girls’ junior and high school uniforms.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of magazines are exclusively devoted to bura-sera photographs, pictures that feature girls clad in school garb, holding up their skirts to display their panties.

Girls can also turn a profit on their own used undies by offloading them to the same people.

However, it is clear that at least some of the used undies do come from teen girls, thus this “underwear of a Japanese schoolgirl” story is no myth.

Japan has a tradition of vending through machines what Western society would view as unusual consumables.

There was thus a waiting market for “schoolgirl panties” machines, in that those looking to obtain such items would not have to brave a bura-sera shop to fulfill their desires.

These mechanical points of sale appeared in 1993 in Chiba City (Chiba Prefecture), in an area known for its porn magazine and adult video vending machines.

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