Gd and sohee dating

For this weeks episode, an expert came out onto the show again to look at more idols, and analyzed Girls' Generation's Yoon A, Wonder Girls' Sohee, Big Bang's G-Dragon and T. The expert saw her habit and said, "" The expert then pointed out that this was a common burden for many of the highly popular idols.True to his words, many idols are seen pursing their lips.While that is some news regarding Seungri’s automobile accident, it does not provide any updates regarding his health or any other personal information.YG Entertainment also stood behind Park Bom during recent allegations that the 2NE1 was involved in a prescription drug smuggling case.

Following this confirmation, Dispatch has announced numerous relationships leading to many scandals including the recent shakeup involving “It’s Okay, That’s Love” stars Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin.However, this also seems to be a common habit for anyone. P's picture of an elephant was highly detailed, from the shape of his eyes, the number of the eyelashes, and the fact that the number of top and bottom teeth were the same.The expert then moved on to photos featuring the drawings by idols. The expert judged, " This 'expert' sounds like a hater, thats not an analysis on their psychological state, sounds more like one persons opinion as to why they have these habits and blaming it all on the stress of the spotlight ; G-Dragon has a habit of pursing his lips ..what ?What does the release of information by Dispatch and the way that is handled have to do with the differences in policies shown by YG Entertainment verses SM Entertainment?SM Entertainment has been at the forefront of announcing idol relationships, particularly in 2014.

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