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Aird River natives (showing the flat foot of the swamp country) 38. If there are passenger steamers running on the Fly in twenty years' time from now, the Government will consider itself fortunate. Four years later, when I had been up some of the great New Guinea rivers, had seen a good deal of the country, and realised in what stage of civilisation it stood, the tale appeared more striking yet. Such a sensational incident was bound to attract attention to the colony, and it did. All over the world flashed the startling news that the "Governor of British New Guinea" had committed suicide—had shot himself dead in front of Government House, at the foot of the flagstaff that carried his country's flag. We took up one party of fourteen, and afterwards brought back three—all that were left." A striking anecdote, well told...

His grandson, in the early days of railways, was content to regard the continent of Europe as an entirely delightful playground. And if the gold so far departs from all known geological and metallurgical laws as to be found conveniently sticking in the roots of the trees that stand in deep water and are daily washed by strong tides, the whole country will no doubt make pilgrimages to the shrines of the Blessed D'Albertis and Saint William Macgregor to offer up thanks for a special miracle. If there is ever any gold found on the river, it will consider itself more fortunate still. Not until November, 1907, did I get a chance of finding out for myself. The routes to New Guinea are not nearly so long or so out of the way as one supposes, looking at the isolated position of the country. In Goldsmith's day the traveller was of necessity more or less an exile. It was equally plain, therefore, that it might be better. steamer at an obscure Sydney wharf—luggage labelled "Port Moresby." And thereafter came ten days of pure happiness. voyage of five weeks from Marseilles, you may be in Port Moresby in ten days if you go through with the mails, taking train part of the way. The cut of a sleeve or a skirt, the fastening of a tie, changes not more surely with the years than does the cut of a prevailing emotion.

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