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The Byzantinist Cyril Mango has argued that Helenopolis was refounded to strengthen the communication network around his new capital in Constantinople, and was renamed to honor Helena, not to mark her birthplace.There is another Helenopolis, in Palestine, but its exact location is unknown.Constantine was proclaimed Augustus of the Roman Empire in 306 by Constantius' troops after the latter had died, and following his elevation his mother was brought back to the public life and the imperial court, and received the title of Augusta in 325. Her sarcophagus is on display in the Pio-Clementino Vatican Museum.During her life, she gave many presents to the poor, released prisoners and mingled with the ordinary worshippers in modest attire, exhibiting a true Christian spirit.Refused to be swayed by anything but solid proof, a woman from Jerusalem, who was already at the point of death from a certain disease, was brought; when the woman touched a cross suddenly recovered and Helena declared the cross with which the woman had been touched to be the True Cross.On the site of discovery, she built the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, while she continued building churches on every Holy site. To use their miraculous power to aid her son, Helena allegedly had one placed in Constantine's helmet, and another in the bridle of his horse.

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Ambrose was the first to call her a stabularia, a term translated as "stable-maid" or "inn-keeper".May 25, 2008 About SAINT HELENA Venerated in: Roman Catholicism Eastern Orthodoxy Oriental Orthodoxy Lutheran Anglicanism Canonized: Her canonization precedes the practice of formal Canonization by the Pope or the relevant Orthodox and Lutheran churches. Eleanor Patronage: archeologists, converts, difficult marriages, divorced people, empresses Flavia Julia Helena Augusta, also known as Saint Helena, Saint Helen, Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (ca. 330) was consort of Constantius Chlorus, and the mother of Emperor Constantine I.Feast: Roman Catholic: August 18 Lutheran: May 21 Orthodox: May 19 Coptic Orthodox: 9 Pashons **Finding of the True Cross: May 03 Symbol: Cross Derivatives: St. She is traditionally credited with finding the relics of the True Cross.Her feast day in the Roman Catholic Church falls on August 18.Her feast day in the Coptic Orthodox Church is on 9 Pashons.

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