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Men are expected to do whatever needs to be done to provide.When the union (however temporary that union may be) between man and woman results in a pregnancy, feminists and women’s rights advocates say that “a woman has a right to choose”.

desene animate nini episodul 60desene animate nini episodul 91Bruenor grinned widely, thankful that the gods had delivered to him an ally and friend as competent as Catti-brie.

Even though it is sad, sometimes unbearably sad, our awareness of the brevity of our lives is a blessing.

Knowing that we have a limited amount of time, to live, and to love, and accomplish, gives us a sense of urgency, that we couldn’t have otherwise.

I’m grateful that they were here, and that they loved the people around them…and lived so very well.

God Bless the memories of Mike and Barbara, and those that loved them and now grieve for them.

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