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Each member’s matches against the whole database presented as an individual i Mu curve is divided into four different match rates; 76% and above, 51% to 75%, 26% to 50%, and 25% or less, allowing them the flexibility to meet people across each match group.

What can members expect from I-Meet’s dating platform: – Find highly targeted matches instantly – Start online conversations with matched members they are interested in – Invite another member to a first date at any of I-Meet’s facilitated one-to-one events I-Meet You is founded by experienced dating practitioner Deon Chan and Jean Koh.

They have a proud history – Abraham Lincoln was a licensed bartender, as was, uh, Sandra Bullock and Bruce Willis.

Unlike many people, bartenders understand the importance of moderation.

Midwestern friendliness is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and if you find yourself dating a Nebraskan, you’ll find out all about their down-to-earth, humble nature.

Charm is embedded into their DNA and it’s the best kind: genuine charm that comes from having both feet on the ground.

Bartenders sometimes have to stand up for 12 hours straight and have stamina aplenty.

In fact, the expression ‘mind your P’s and Q’s’ originates from ye olde bartenders who would advise their rowdier customers to mind their own pints and quarts (i.e.

Interested singles can sign up for a free account at thereafter activating the dating service for (monthly package pricing) or 9 (yearly package pricing).Singapore, 15 April, 2016 – I-Meet, a Singapore online dating agency makes its debut in Singapore’s dating scene on .Touting themselves as Singapore’s online dating platform that eliminates awkward first dates, members meet and chat with other prospective singles on I-Meet’s website before asking them out to attend a one-to-one event facilitated by an accredited dating practitioner. Most bartenders don’t train for the job – they just watch Coyote Ugly and Cocktail. Whatever you come out with, you’re guaranteed at least a sage nod in return. Bartenders have heard it all before – and more than once too. Nothing can fluster a bartender who’s worked a bank holiday Friday or three.

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